We Are the Family Farm. Stand with Us.

Brad Ingram. Moink Sheep Farmer. Rolla, MO

A moving manifesto from Lucinda (Co-founder and Head Hen at Moink) on behalf of Family Farms everywhere.

“Did you know that only 2% of Americans are farmers? That puts us in the same class as endangered species.

Being a farmer has its challenges no matter WHAT kind of farmer someone is – conventional, organic, row cropper, potato grower or chicken wrangler… doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, I am confident that all farmers strive for the same thing: To make an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work and for a fair shake at making a go of farming. I don’t think that is too much to ask… do you?

When you level that playing field between big ag and the small family farm… then the one that ends up on top is the one that works the hardest and I can guarantee you this- those that farm because they love it… are never outworked.” – Lucinda

We Are the Family Farm. Stand with Us. 

We don’t want government subsidies, but we do want an even playing field on which to compete, so please don’t allow them to be given to corporate giants. 

On average, if you added up our working hours, we make less than minimum wage, so please don’t haggle us on price.

We are walking wikipedias on the topics of our trade, so please don’t think us intellectually inferior.

If we cease to exist then you would be dependent on companies that are “too big to fail” for your food supply, and we all know that nothing is ever too big to fail.

Who are we?

We are the family farm, and as such we ask you to stand with us.

Stand with us as we fight to keep our land out of the hands of those who attempt to swindle us into less diversification in the name of efficiency, by purchasing products from farms produced in a wholistic and bio-dynamic way.

Stand with us so we can have the freedom to plant non GMO crops and save our seeds without fear of retaliation, by opposing laws that allow companies to patent life and then sue us in the name of copyright infringement.

Stand with us against those that would have us raise animals in deplorable conditions for the sake of a dollar, by refusing to buy meat from feedlots or confinement buildings.

You are our customers, our neighbors, our countrymen, and above all else you are our fellow humans. All of us, together, can create a foundation that the next generation is proud to stand on. Together we can keep our food system pure, and together we can leave this land better than we found it.

Join us, as we connect tender-hearted carnivores with high-quality, ethically-sourced and humanely-raised meat from small family farms. 


Ready to join the Moink Moovement and help us fight for the family farm?

You can do that here!

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  • My name is Dale Peterson, I own a ranch in Kansas and Oklahoma. I saw you on Shark Tank, and am interested in talking to you about a different marketing tactic on selling my cattle. My phone number is 620-382-5596. We have a cow herd and we raise our calves on the bluestem in Kansas and just recently started retaining ownership until slaughter. I completely understand what you said about the Big THREE controlling the complete market share. If you had time to call at your convenience I would really appreciate it. Thank You, Dale Peterson

  • May I republish this essay, provided that I post the source URL? This message is so moving! I want to share it with city-dwellers who think that farm subsidies are helpful to family farmers, and with those who think subsidies are necessary to Big Ag.

  • Let me just say first that I appreciate you all so very much. I’ve been buying meat from the grocery store all of my life and within the past 10 years or so I have noticed a “processed” quality to the beef, pork and chicken that my family has been consuming. This change has been unsavory to say the least, rubbery chicken, odd consistency to pork, dry tough stringy beef despite the many cooking methods that I’ve tried. It’s been so bad that I’ve actually considered becoming a Vegan (and I’m a die hard meat lover!) Even as a vegan I’d have to verify that the veggies are not fake food (gmo) I totally resent the fact that Big Ag is having us pay for food that is unnatural. I’m extremely concerned about genetically modified ingredients (which I’m sure are causing all kinds of diseases), meat that has been raised and slaughtered in cruel and stressful environments and food that is not nourishment, in fact it’s probably killing us. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to take control of what we consume and for taking the time, patience and effort to provide us with healthy, clean alternatives (it’s sad and terrifying to me that real farmed food has been relegated to “alternative” status) it should definitely be the other way around.

    • Essentially it means we treat our farmers fairly (we pay them an honest price) and we put great care into making sure our animals come from farms that are raised in a way that honors their sacrifice. We make sure our animals are processed in facilities that pay living wages.

  • On my to and from work commute, I have been forced to encounter trucks full of uniformly grown pink pigs trying to get their snouts to fresh air and stacked chicken crates shedding feathers while going down the highway through snow, sun, rain, heat…all at 70 MPH. Already interested in pollinator-friendliness and natural fibers, these sights just truly hit my gut. If that is the entire life experience of our food supply and how we choose to treat what feeds us, how can we lift a fork and not be embarrassed? How can a life full of confusion and PTSD benefit the recipient of the meat? Friends say they do not care about the animals, but don’t they care about themselves and their kids? People surely spend tons of time and money in the gym, on clothing, on fillers and abrasions and pedicures and highlights–but then eat a cortisol-laden pile of GMO-raised hormones! I believe we are the “fittest” right now, so we are towards the top of the food chain. I definitely want to feel the animals that are raised and then harvested have lived the life they were built to live-with family and friends and whatever natural pecking order exists when there is more than 4 inches by 4 inches to stand in. I am so glad I found this site! It makes me believe that the way I feel, that tug I get as those pig trucks go by even though I just enjoyed a bacon burger, isn’t totally oxymoronic. I am definitely on your wavelength!

  • I visit food banks every month to survive. Social security doesn’t pay enough to live. Your want to save farmers, but you don’t offer anything to lower income. I have a small farm, raise a few chickens and a few veggies, and give away eggs, and extra veggies, that’s what a community is for, saving each other. If people can’t afford your product, then who are you really saving.

  • Are all of your meat products raised and processed in the United States? I am all for small farmers and ranchers, but only feed my family US-raised meat.

  • I read your article in Missouri Life.
    I just started to raise hair sheep and quail.
    Would like to know more on how this works to get involved!

  • Sooo glad I found you!!!! My daughter frequently sends information/films on how America is fed. The horrific and absolutely inhuman way we cage, contain, torture,
    and kill animals for our food is insane! My daughter, like so many, has sworn off meat but I’m not ready to take that leap. I realize it is part of ALL human history to hunt- kill and feed your family but now its the “Grocery Stores”. Most people never think or consider how all this happens, myself included. There needs to be a resurgence of support for Farmers, Ranchers, and ALL who grow or raise our food for the health of humans and for the humane life of animals….

    • Please email us at oink@moinkbox.com, with the following information, and we’ll be in touch.

      Name, email, farm location, what you currently raise, and tell us more about yourself (acres, challenges you face, how long you’ve been farming)

  • I have a ranch in central Texas. I produce 40 calves per year. Registered Hereford bulls on black angus and red angus cows. Cattle are in coastal Bermuda pastures and I feed my own hay. Supplement mineral and feed cubes in winter. Calves are dewormed, vaccinated but no growth hormones. Everything I feed is all natural. Love to hear from you how I could better market my calves. My phone number is+17139061096

  • So glad that I heard about you on Radio Classics. On Sirius XM. I am so happy that you are promoting the small family farm and also the humane treatment of animals. We are forwarding your web site to other family and friends. Thank you for caring about the animals.

  • Growing up on a Dairy Farm in Massachusetts it warms me to see farmers helping farmers. My father took over his fathers farm yet the way the world is made it impossible for my father to support his five children. ‘When I think of the day of the auction it still brings me to tears. People have no idea the work and dedication it takes. No vacation, no days off , yet never boring . Has anyone ever taken the family cattle truck as transportation to a wedding because the car was broke down?! Although I now work construction, I am a farmers daughter, and will always be. I applaud you.

  • I would love to buy from you, but I have a few questions.
    Where are you located? And I would like to know how and how much to custom make an order? For example: I would like whole chickens 🐓😅👌🏼

    • We’re based in Missouri. We offer several different boxes at different price points. You can always customize your box, depending on what we have available each week. We do have whole chickens!

  • I agree and I will begin supporting your farms. Please add farms that grow crops/vegetables.

    You might want to edit this page. I think you have an error. “Together we can be keep our food system pure, and together we can leave this land better than we found it.” Delete the word “be”.

    I love what you live and stand for. I will help promote you to everyone I know.

    Honestly & Sincerely

    Richard Stephens
    (850) 376-1577
    Navarre, Florida
    (a Texan now living in Florida)

  • I am excited to try your meat. My family farms also. We do traditional row crops, peanuts and cotton. We also grow commercial blackberries and have a U-Pick operation and Farm Market in South Georgia. We certainly know the hardships of farming and “price control”. Our industry is one of few that must buy retail and sell wholesale! I applaud any farmer that starts a new venture to have more control over his product.

  • I’m a new customer and I’m proud to support people who work hard and do it right. Thank you for this business. I’ve never raised anything except worms that feed my plants but I noticed a HUGE difference from growing your own food and store bought food. I’m hoping the same will be true for meat and fish as well. Thank you for providing this service for people and I wish you all much success!

  • How would a rural rancher who raises Black Angus go about becoming involved in supplying Moink? Are there opportunities for small family farms to become involved in supplying?

  • Actually, a question. How do you ship? I want to send my son a box for Christmas. What I sent last year
    was sloppy – not acknowledged and no info after received so not sure it was.

    • Hi Lorraine – sorry for the delay. Busy over here during the holidays. We ship on Tuesdays for a Thursday or Friday delivery depending on where you are. We ship via UPS in a nice branded box, with enough dry ice to keep the meat frozen through the trip.