Eat Real Food.

Bacon that doesn't have sugar

Hey there! I’m Lucinda, the Head Hen at Moink!

My Words of Wisdom for you this Wednesday? “If you’re gonna eat a Pop-Tart, eat a Pop-Tart. You don’t need sugar in your bacon. “

Figuring out what we should and shouldn’t eat is confusing sometimes, isn’t it? Is coconut oil good? What’s up with the Whole 30 thing? Should I eat the egg yolk? Just exactly how much pie can I eat before it is too much?(Pfft.. is there such a thing as too much pie?)

I don’t know…. ahhh! It’s so confusing.

Let’s Keep our Real Food Real

Well, I think a good start is keeping our real food real. What I mean by that is that bacon should be bacon… free of additives and nitrates, sugar and funk. At least then, I know that what I am eating is really what it is. Then, if I want to eat a sugar funk filled item… I know that is what I am eating and I haven’t filled my diet with hidden sugar or additives under the guise of being healthy.

I mean, hello, if you take an apple and add pesticides, herbicides, fake sugar, coloring, flavoring yada yada yada then that gets confusing, right? Is that apple still healthy? Is it still an apple? I don’t know… but it seems like it might take me a week of googling and a few nutritionist appointments to find out.

So, let’s keep it simple folks. In my house, we just like to eat real food. Apples are apples. Bacon is bacon. Then, if we eat a Pop-Tart… well, at least we aren’t confused about if it counts as our daily intake of fruits and veggies. AND we can figure out just how much sugar we are actually eating (which I hear and read is a big problem for us Americans – sugar overload).

Just sayin.

Here at Moink Our Bacon is Naked.

The only ingredients are pork and salt. Why does it have such amazing flavor? Well, it starts with the kind of hogs we raise – a heritage breed. Then, we raise them on pasture where a pig is free to be a pig.  Then, to make our bacon, it is smoked with REAL smoke. Our bacon has no nitrites or nitrates (naturally occurring or otherwise), no sugar, no funk. Just bacon done right.

Here’s what Roberta, one of our customers, says about it: “Oh yes, the bacon! Just right… not too thick, not too thin, not salty, not sugary, just crispy, smoky, pork goodness.”

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