Giveaway: Win a Year of MOINK boxes.

Hey, Hey, we are doing a giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of MOINK and to help spread the word about our amazing meat boxes,  we are doing a giveaway. Our hope is that you will join our newsletter list and let us tell you our stories from the front line of farming. And of course, tell you all the reasons why MOINK is so awesome. Well, not all of them… that would take too long.  We love what we are doing here at MOINK, the values we stand for and the quality product we deliver so we are excited to tell you all about it!

What you can win.

A YEAR’s worth of Moink boxes. That’s a $1908 value. A little over 160lbs of meat. What what? Cue the happy dance.

How to win.

It’s simple. Join our newsletter list by clicking here. That’s

Our newsletter is double opt in which means that once you join you will have to click a link in your email to confirm that you are human.

When the winner will be announced.

We will randomly pick a winner on November 1, 2017 and email you to let you know. We will also announce it on social media and crown you Moink-er of the month! I mean, I know you always wanted that title.

A little bit about MOINK.

We deliver boxes of grass fed and finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, wild-caught salmon, and free-range chicken straight to your doorstep each month via our subscription service. We are farmer owned and inspired by the people we feed.

What our customers say:

“We grilled the chicken wings and chicken drumsticks. I’m not exaggerating, best chicken ever.  I’m not an affiliate, I don’t get any meaty kickback  – I just love what Moink is doing and I want to share. f grass fed and finished beef, lamb, pastured pork, wild-caught salmon, and free-range chicken straight to your doorstep each month via our subscription service.” Meghan M. – Florida

Moink box contents
This is what was in Meghan’s MOINK box.


Ready to join the Moink Moovement and help us fight for the family farm?

You can do that here!

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  • I received my Moink box a couple weeks ago and have been thrilled with the quality and taste of the meat. First of all, the meat was packed beautifully and fully frozen when it arrived. So far, I’ve had the chuck roast, the Coulotte steak and the salmon. This weekend I’m going to try the chicken legs. Everything has been exceptional! It’s so true what everyone says about the products from Moink. By far, this has been the best tasting meat I’ve ever had. I highly suggest everyone should try this wonderful company. You won’t regret it!

    • I saw your demo on shark tank tonight and first, i eant to say THANK YOU so much for what you believe in and the live an support you have for the snall farmers trying to keep it real with honest, healthy grass fed meats. My budget will not allow ne to purchase the boxes, but maybe one day yu will consider a smalker box? My husband and i are in our 60s and on a very zmall fxed income but we definitely want you to know we are zo proud of your accompishnents and we will be praying for your total success. God Bless you Sweetheart.

  • It says the drawing will be Nov. 2017. So this is not a current give away? Does that mean your pricing is also 2017.