Moink in the Wild: The Farm-To-Table Subscription Box Of Meats You’ve Been Dreaming Of

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farm-to-table subscription box

Free Range: (of livestock, especially poultry) kept in natural conditions, with freedom of movement. (of eggs) produced by birds reared under natural conditions.

I remember the first time I heard the word “free range.” I was confused by the definition. Growing up on a farm, that was just common sense – there was no definition because we never thought to raise our animals any other way.

farm-to-table subscription box

And listen, I have mucked and cleaned barns. I have used scrapers and been up to cow patties past my boots just from cows venturing into the barn overnight, so I am really not sure HOW they even clean a barn where cows have no freedom to move or leave the barn. I mean, are cows just swimming among cow patties? And you’re eating that?

I also attribute a lot of my health factors to growing up on the farm. Call it luck if you will, but I’ve never broken a bone or had any serious sicknesses and I think that’s because I grew up living farm to table – we grew our own veggies, had fresh RAW milk from the cows, and the Amish neighbors brought us eggs that we swapped daily for milk.

farm-to-table subscription box

I still remember those chickens running around to this day – because I always WANTED chickens – and I promise you one day I will have Rhode Island Reds running around my property.

But it occurred to me that many people do not realize they can still eat farm to table.

As a former farmer myself, I am all about supporting other farmers, and I know how hard they work – night and day – to make a farm function. Plus their heart and soul goes into farming, and the food and animals are always going to be a better standard.

So how does one cut out the middle man and get meat directly from a farmer in NYC? I’m glad you asked!

Thanks to technology and delivery, you can order your meats online from companies like Moink – who offer ethically raised, exceptional meats.

Farm-to-Table SubscriptionBox: Why You Want To Get Moinked!

It’s no secret that the food industry is all about making money and you’re health isn’t always top priority. So why not buy directly from small farmers who are raising these cows, chickens and pigs on a happy little farm? They have plenty of room to do as they please, eat fresh grass and bugs and aren’t fed GMO stuffed grains, but actual grains they probably grow ON the farm. Just the way we used to growing up. Plus, the meats actually TASTE better – because they are coming from genuine feed sources. Trust me, once you’ve tasted a chicken right off the farm and not off a factory line, you’ll notice a difference.

So How Does Moink Work?

farm-to-table subscription box

It’s really pretty cool. You can customize your own box of meats from ground beef to bacon to Ribeyes to whole chickens, and it’s only $159. They also have pasture-raised lamb and wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon! Now, understand, I am a solo mom with a five-year old and we literally love and use this entire box. It comes packed with a TON of meats – you’re not getting just one chicken breast for that price – and it will last you for a while. In fact, like other monthly delivery services, you can have these paused and delivered as you need so you don’t overflow your freezer.

Here is everything that came in my first box:

1 lb boneless pork chops, 2 lbs ground beef, 1.5 lb chicken wings, 2 whole chickens, 1 lb lamb kabobs, 3lb beef chuck roast, 20 oz. French Ribeye, and 2 lbs boneless chicken breasts.

Now, cook that Chicken:

farm-to-table subscription box

Here’s a little secret – your first box also includes a meat thermometer! That means you don’t have to be afraid to roast that chicken, this little puppy will tell you exactly when to pull it out of the oven. So Moink is literally setting you up to be a chef – you have all the tools: fresh, tasty cuts of meat, a thermometer and a nice Sunday afternoon to learn how to get back to the basics.

Speaking of – let me share with you my favorite chicken recipe of all time that was handed to me by a friend. It’s literally THREE INGREDIENTS.

farm-to-table subscription box

Thomas Keller Chicken. Check out the recipe here, but literally you need salt, pepper and chicken – maybe some twine – and pull that puppy out when it hits 165 degrees on your meat thermometer. See the recipe here.

Ready to make the leap?

Moink is currently running a Holiday Special to make the deal even sweeter! Use discount code MOINKHOLIDAY to get $15 off your first box, plus a free package of chicken legs AND a free package of ground beef!

Hint: This would be a really thoughtful gift for loved ones kicking off their Paleo or Whole 30 eating plans as part of their New Year health resolutions! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive special offers, the latest news and an inside-look at their farms.

We can’t wait to see what sorts of recipes you make with your Moink Box! Be sure to tag us @moinkbox or #GetMoinked so we can see your yummy creations. Enjoy!


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