What’s Worming Its Way Into Your Meat?

Hi, Guys! It’s Lucinda, Head Hen at Moink, baaaaaaaaaack with some more words of wisdom about lamb. See what I did there? “When it comes to buying meat, the only way to really know what you’re getting is to know who you’re getting it from.”

I’m guessing most of you reading this haven’t put much thought into becoming a sheep farmer. It seems like a simple enough job. Just let some sheep loose in a paddock and hope for the best, right? Wrong! I’m here to tell you, raising healthy sheep is a constant challenge that requires a very precise set of skills and knowledge. I know, because I tried it once, and it didn’t turn out so well. Let’s just say I’m much better at keeping my human children alive than I am lambs!

Antibiotics, Dewormers & “Super Worms”

Sheep are like premature babies, frail and in need of constant care and protection. They’re extremely susceptible to some pretty rough disease like pneumonia, hoof rot and parasites, and most sheep farmers are pumping their flock with high doses of antibiotics and harsh dewormers like Ivermectin just to keep them going. The problem is that now, mutated “super bugs” and “super worms” have developed, and all those drugs are becoming less and less effective.

When you buy lamb from the grocery store (something I simply refuse to do), there is a very high chance that meat is infected with a bacteria or parasites. It brings a whole new meaning to that old camp song, “Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms,” huh? If the store-bought lamb is free from disease, it’s only because it’s been drugged to kingdom come.

Since meat companies aren’t required to disclose anything about animals’ health history and the use of dewormers on their labels, shoppers like us have no way of telling if that lamb chop we’re bringing home for our family is truly healthy. Even many of the big “organic” and “free-range” farms are playing the political loopholes, and their animals are oftentimes treated just as unnaturally and inhumanely as the conventional factory farms.

Raising Healthy Sheep

Raising healthy sheep truly is an artform, so Moink doesn’t trust just anyone. Our primary lamb supplier, Brad Ingram, sets the bar for what we look for in our partners. Brad gives his sheep around-the-clock care, constantly rotating them to fresh pasture where the grass is high enough to keep worms away. Sayonara, creepy crawlers! On Brad’s farm there are no confinement buildings, no processed feed (just lush grass and hay!), and no worm drama.

worms and lamb meat

Brad doesn’t have to pump his sheep with antibiotics and dewormers, because the excellent care they receive means they aren’t put in a situation to need them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  He’s perfected the breeding process, resulting in the highest possible quality of lamb meat – 100% pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, 100% tender and delicious!

Moink only partners with family farms with small flocks. Our farmers are completely transparent about their operations, so we don’t need to use a bunch of shady and misleading language on our packaging. It’s like your grandma said, “Good meat makes its own gravy!”

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