The DOG Days of Summer: Guardians of the Flock

Hi, Friends! It’s Head Hen Lucinda here. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here on our farm in La Belle, Missouri, it’s hot as blazes! In honor of the DOG days of summer, I wanted to give a little “bark out” to a very critical member of the family farm staff. I’m talking about our pooches of course! It’s time we give these four-legged farm hands the credit they deserve, and maybe a few extra belly rubs! Plus, it gives us an excuse to ooh and ahhh over this adorable picture of one of our junior farmers (aka my baby girl) with her pup! 

dog days

 When you raise animals outdoors where they roam on grass the way nature intended, you have to be mindful of predators such as racoons, opossums, coyotes, wild boars and occasionally here in Missouri – a cougar. With the sheep, we use portable net fencing and the chickens have movable chicken tractors but still, that is not always enough to keep the predators deterred.   

dog days

Alot of the family farmers in the Moink community rely on a Great Pyrenees or two to help guard our pasture-raised animals, myself included. 

Though this breed has a smart, patient and calm temperament, they are natural protectors, and all 85+ pounds of them will spring into action if needed. In fact, these majestic working dogs were originally bred to deter sheep-stealing wolves and other predators. Don’t let their thick fluffy coats and mellow personalities fool you – these dogs are loyal and vigilant guardians of their families and their flocks. 

dog days

On our family farm, our faithful, tail-wagging employee is a Great Pyrenees named Sasha. Earlier this year, one of our Banty Hens went up into the woods to have her 12 babies. Normally this would put the bird in danger of getting devoured by a coyote or wild hog, or having her eggs snatched up by a hawk, but Sasha guarded the mama bird fiercely so she could hatch in peace and all her babies remained safe and sound. Today we have dozens of chickens pecking around thanks to our furry “mama bear.”

dog days

I mean, we all need a Sasha in our lives, don’t we? Somebody who stays all steadfast and zen, but then goes postal when somebody tries to mess with us? Just sayin’! 

On a sustainable family farm, our dogs are even more than a loyal pet. They’re a critical member of our team and official keepers of the flock! They make it possible for Moink’s partners to raise their animals without confinement buildings and feedlots.

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  • Lucy my gosh Marv n I just ate the ribeye! Holy cow ive never tasted a steak that was thick as that was and how tender it was. Wonderful. Thanks to your brother and Jody for giving me this birthday present of Moink meat! You def have a new customer. I just cannot eat meat from the store and havent for a very long time! You guys are the bomb! Thanks again!

  • Thank you for this wonderful information about Guardian Dogs. I have owned Kuvasok in the past, one of them was specific to guard our livestock. Precious assets to the farm and family.

  • We used to have a Great Pyrenees named Luc. One of the best dogs we’ve ever had. He would have been so happy guarding your farm. He used to prowl the perimeter of our yard first thing whenever we let him out. He’d go do his patrol of the perimeter first, then once he was satisfied all was secure he’d go about his business. Whenever we would take our daughter to the playground he would go along, he was a total kid magnet and all the kids would come and hang off him which he happily tolerated, but he never took his eyes off our daughter where ever she went in the park.