Meet Our Farmers: Mannix Family Ranch

Land & Legacy

The Mannix Family Cattle Ranch has a rich history spanning 135 years and five generations. Located in the heart of the Blackfoot Valley in beautiful Helmville, Montana, the operation is now owned and operated by Mannix Brothers, David, Randy and Brent, and their families. “These days, most ranchers can’t make enough income to purchase their own land,” said David. “But the generations before us were thoughtful and generous, and it’s only because of their planning that our ranch is thriving today.”

mannix family ranch

A Cut Above

Traditional cattle only spend their first year on the range, before they are sent to a feed lot for their final six to eight months of life. They’re often given processed feed that includes genetically-modified corn, byproducts, high fructose corn syrup and antibiotics, until they are fattened up to their finished weight. Some animals gain as much as 600 pounds during the 200 days leading up to their slaughter.

Mannix Ranch raises natural, 100% grass-fed Angus beef of the highest quality. About 200 head go through the Ranch’s grass-finished program each year. These livestock receive absolutely no grain feed, antibiotics or growth hormones.

“Our grass-fed cattle spend their entire lives on this ranch, and not a confinement building,” explained David. “We’re very intentional about good stockmanship, and all our employees are trained in the art and science of handling cattle. We work hard to make sure our animals are treated well and have minimal stress.”

mannix family ranch

Stewards of Nature

Another secret behind Mannix beef’s taste and tenderness is that it comes from healthy land. The Blackfoot Valley’s rich soils, sparkling streams and pure mountain air combine to raise exceptional beef. The Ranch has always operated under the belief that the family themselves aren’t the owners of the land and livestock, but rather humble managers. The Mannix Brothers are constantly honing their practices, so they can pass on the value of stewardship and conservation to the next generation, just as it was passed to them.

“We strive to be worthy caretakers of all the resources we manage,” said David. We care for the whole ecosystem in such a way that it can flourish. Our goal is to provide for our families, deliver the best beef to our customers, and contribute to the long-term health of our community and environment.”

The High Cost of Cheap Beef

When it comes to traditional agriculture practices in our country, David has big concerns about the toll it’s taking on the land and animals, but also on consumers. “Commodity agriculture is currently too dependent on fertilizer and herbicide use,” said David. “Our land, livestock and consumers would all be better off with more holistic practices.”

David also believes most shoppers simply aren’t educated on the hidden costs many grocery store foods have on our environment and our health. “If people really knew the true cost of eating cheap food, grass-finished or organically farmed food wouldn’t look so expensive,” he said.

mannix family ranch


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