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I’m Lucinda, Head Hen here at Moink, and I’m back with more Wednesday Wisdom: “Level the playing field between big ag and small family farms, and the ones that end up on top are the ones that work the hardest. The little guys are never outworked.”

Moink isn’t just about delivering delicious, high-quality meat. We’re a community on a mission.

We stand up for farmers.

Moink passionately supports the family farmers, the ones just trying to make an honest living without sacrificing their land and their legacy.

When I was eleven my father died leaving my mother with six mouths to feed and a farm she couldn’t afford.  Without the input capital it takes for commercial row cropping, she had to work two jobs to provide for our family and keep our home. Oftentimes we went hungry. I have made it my mission in life to help small family farms, not so unlike the one I grew up on, like the one I now live on, to be financially independent outside of big agriculture, and to create a marketplace for those who dare to challenge the norm of conventional farming.

I am passionate about sustainable farming methods because when you remove all the cheats of nature that conventional farming employs, such as pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, antibiotics, de-wormers  and so on,  what you are left with is a farmer working in tandem with nature. The playing field between big agriculture and small farms is then leveled, and those that end up on top are those that work the hardest. And there is one thing I can assure you: The little guys like my husband, who farm because they love it, are never outworked.

We care for the land.

Industrial farming practices wreak havoc on the air, water and soil. While big food companies are willing to reap a plentiful harvest today at the expense of  tomorrow, at Moink we want to be good stewards of our environment. That’s why we partner with farmers like Cody Hopkins of Falling Sky Farm, whose innovative production model allows the land to rest and heal. Moink has a network of about a hundred other eco-friendly farms all over the U.S. and beyond, and we love sharing their stories.

We treat animals with the respect worthy of their sacrifice.

If you’ve ever visited a traditional feed lot or slaughter facility, it’s enough to make you go vegetarian faster than you can say, “Pass the quinoa.” (And this is coming from a lady who sells meat!) I’ll spare you the details, but the inhumane treatment of living creatures makes me sick to my stomach. On our farm, our animals are given a good life, with quality food, care and lots of love. Moink only partners with ethical farmers who do the same.

We fight for what’s right.

No farmer sets out to harm animals and the environment. They’re just trying to support their families and hold on to their land, and they think they don’t have a choice. But there is a better way! Moink makes it possible for farmers to operate on their own terms. We give them a guaranteed market at a better price than the big food companies so they can focus on quality over quantity.

Finding delicious proteins grown in a sustainable, humane way shouldn’t be a game of “Where’s Waldo.” Connecting ethically-conscious meat lovers to humanely-raised meats from small family farms should be simple. It’s not… but it should be, and at Moink we are working to make it so.

You can be part of this fight. We send a message to the big food companies and help fix our broken food system with every exceptionally-tasting bite we take!

I want to personally thank you for supporting Moink and the values we stand for.  To me this business is personal.

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  • I saw your story on Shark Tank. Way to go! Can’t wait for our first order. Thank you for being a survivor for the backbone of our country !