3 Ways We Can Fix Our Food System

food systemHi, Moink-ers! It’s Lucinda, Head Hen at Moink. Wednesday is here, and that means it’s time for another nugget of wisdom: “What would your great-grandma eat? If she wouldn’t recognize it, it’s probably not the best food for your family.”

With all the changing and often conflicting nutritional information swirling around us, it’s easy to get confused and downright discouraged about our food system.

Sometimes I feel like I need a PhD in food just to buy an item at the store, and I’m not the only one. According to this year’s label insight research, two-thirds of shoppers who read food labels find it challenging to tell if the products they buy actually meet their dietary needs and preferences. With vague, misleading marketing language and hard-to-read ingredient lists, it’s no wonder we feel frustrated.

But instead of getting down, we need to get smart. That’s right, friends, it’s not enough to complain about our food system. We have to take action to make it better.

Here are 3 steps you can take to make a difference in our food system today:

1. Do Your Homework
Educate yourself on what’s real and what isn’t when it comes to the foods you’re buying for your family on a regular basis, and learn to be a label detective. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it shouldn’t be a staple in your family’s diet. Challenge yourself to learn about your go-to brands’ ingredients and production practices.

2. Ask Questions
Look for food brands and retailers that welcome your questions and accommodate your concerns. When we start asking food companies who, what, when, where, why and how, it demands accountability. Try to trace your items back to the farms where they came from, and find out who’s really standing behind them. Demand to know how they treat the farmers, the animals and the environment. When it comes to transparency, remember, if you can’t see through it, walk right passed it!

3. Make Intentional Purchases
If you really want to stick it to the big food man, your most powerful tool is your wallet. We send a message about our preferences and values with every purchase we make. Make informed, purposeful choices. Even if you have to eat less meat in order to buy the best quality, it’s worth the sacrifice. Think with your head, listen to your conscious, and then vote with your purse strings.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I have good news. I teamed up with more than 100 of my closest farmer friends to do the legwork for you when it comes to quality meat!

At Moink, we only partner with family farms who share our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals, and exceptional taste and quality. That means ALL our meat is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, solutions, artificial colors, nitrites/nitrates and added sugars.

Check out what Lynn, one of our happy customers, had to say about us: “Everything in my box was fresh and delicious, well above the flavor of your standard supermarket meat. If you’re looking for an easy way to get fresh, pastured meat to your front door and to support the farmers who make that possible, I highly recommend Moink.”

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