Moink: The Story of Our Name

Why did we choose the name Moink? Well, it’s a tip of the Stetson to our love story.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a nerdy engineer named Adam. At the age of 31, he had been single nearly his entire adult life. His friends tried over and over to get him a girlfriend to no avail. I mean – how is it that they should find a woman willing to look past his slight social ineptitude and his excitement for turbines and all things geeky?

Enter Lucinda. A total hot mess.

Adam’s friends thought, “Oh…we have a live one!” Sure, on paper it made no sense. She was wild, he was not. She was loud, he was quiet. She has a GED,  he – highly educated.

Moo + Oink

Then, they found out that Lucinda loved food. She was a produce lady helping to bring organic produce from sweet little farmers to the masses. Adam grew up on a farm and liked to smoke meat. “They’ll go together like meat and potatoes,” they thought.

The conversation went something like this:

Adam’s friends: “So… Lucinda, you should meet our friend. He makes these UH-MAZING things called moink balls.”

Lucinda: “What’s a moink ball?”

Adam’s friends: “Moo + oink. Meatballs wrapped in bacon that he smokes on a smoker.”

Lucinda: “What? Bacon? I’m in. Set it up.”

Fast forward all these years and here we are…married with two beautiful children.

What can I say? He had me at Moink.

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  • Hi Lucinda and Adam,

    I just watched your segment on Shark Tank and I just love your down-to-earth no nonsense “get it done” attitude. I would love to try your meat products but the thing is I’m a single guy. If I order one of your assortment boxes I’m afraid some of the meat may spoil by the time I get to the last couple of items in the box.
    My question is; can I just order let’s say 2 pork chops, 2 steaks etc without purchasing the whole enchilada.
    PS: I loved your passion on the show.

  • I saw Lucinda on “Shark Tank.” I absolutely loved Lucinda’s interplay with Kevin, aka “Mr. Wonderful.” I think she found a perfect investor in Jamie Siminoff. I look forward to watching how this story goes. I will be purchasing a box soon.

  • Saw you on a previous Shark Tank and you were wonderful..You meat sounds wonderful. In the near future I plan on ordering box. THANK YOU TO ALL THE FAMILY FARMERS!!!! Couldnt make it without your hard work. THANK YOU…Judith Caldwell

  • We run a small ranch in the remote mountains of Idaho, spring fed streams provide water for both the animals and to gravity feed the pasture irrigation. We implement NRCS practices for grazing, fencing, weed control and irrigation. We only produce 100% grass-fed beef. My herd is only 12 cows at present, but growing every year. How would I go about becoming a supplier to your company, or is my operation to small?

    • Thanks for asking, Don! I’ve passed your message on to Jody, our customer service lady. If you want to get in touch directly, you can email us at