Moink: The Story of Our Name

Why did we choose the name Moink? Well, it’s a tip of the Stetson to our love story.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a nerdy engineer named Adam. At the age of 31, he had been single nearly his entire adult life. His friends tried over and over to get him a girlfriend to no avail. I mean – how is it that they should find a woman willing to look past his slight social ineptitude and his excitement for turbines and all things geeky?

Enter Lucinda. A total hot mess.

Adam’s friends thought, “Oh…we have a live one!” Sure, on paper it made no sense. She was wild, he was not. She was loud, he was quiet. She has a GED,  he – highly educated.

Moo + Oink

Then, they found out that Lucinda loved food. She was a produce lady helping to bring organic produce from sweet little farmers to the masses. Adam grew up on a farm and liked to smoke meat. “They’ll go together like meat and potatoes,” they thought.

The conversation went something like this:

Adam’s friends: “So… Lucinda, you should meet our friend. He makes these UH-MAZING things called moink balls.”

Lucinda: “What’s a moink ball?”

Adam’s friends: “Moo + oink. Meatballs wrapped in bacon that he smokes on a smoker.”

Lucinda: “What? Bacon? I’m in. Set it up.”

Fast forward all these years and here we are…married with two beautiful children.

What can I say? He had me at Moink.

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