Meet Our Farmers: Adam, Ray & Andy, Bertolla Farms

Location: Loxley and Daphne, AL

Brothers Adam and Ray Bertolla and their cousin, Andy Bertolla, have been running their 1700-acre farm in Southern Alabama for the last 35 years. Located in the heart of the Deep South, the farm grows peanuts, pecans, cotton, and cattle. “My great-grandfather struggled to get this operation going, and I’m proud to carry on his legacy as a fourth-generation farmer,” said Adam. “I’ve lived on this land for the last 50 years and have driven the tractor since I was only eight.”

Bertolla Farms

Sustainable Solutions

Adam and Ray started out using conventional farming methods, but like so many other small farms, realized that their practices weren’t environmentally or financially sustainable. Ray went to a grass-fed beef exchange to learn more about sustainable farming and converting to a grass-fed beef operation. They made a change from raising cow calfs to running grass fed stockers for a better rotation on the farm and for financial sustainability. Adam explained:

“The thing about running a multi-generational family farm is that you never want to be the one who loses it. We started to realize it would take more time and effort, but there was a better, more consistent way to raise higher-quality beef.” 

Bertolla Farms

Today the Bertolla family farm is thriving, raising cattle that is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They use natural solutions like organic oils and liquid garlic spray to avoid insecticides on the grass, and all the beef they sell is hormone and antibiotic-free. “We move our herd around often, so the cattle are always eating the freshest grass,” Adam said. 

We don’t want to raise any animal we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We wouldn’t sell any animal to a customer that we wouldn’t be confident to serve our own families.”

Superior Results

Raising grass-finished cattle requires time and patience, but the Bertolla family believes the finished product is worth the effort. “A lot of farmers take every shortcut they can, raising the animals to be so big way too quickly,” said Adam. “It takes longer and costs more money to get a steer grass-finished, but in the end, you’re getting a much better-quality animal.” 

Bertolla Farms

Once you taste the grass-finished difference, we think you’ll never want to go back to store-bought meat. But we’re not the only ones who love the flavor and texture of our beef. Check out these Moinkers’ rave reviews:

“Hands down the best tasting roast I’ve had in quite some time! It had great marbling and was so tender. Keep up the great work, farmers!” – Brianna

“I think my favorite thing in the box is the French Ribeye – BY FAR, the best cut of meat I’ve ever cooked and one of the best I’ve ever tasted.” – Lynne

I have been very happy with everything I have received from Moink. I love that I can support small farmers even though I’m in a big city, and the flavor is absolutely superior to what’s available in the grocery store.” – Annabelle


Are you ready to ditch the antibiotics, hormones and GMO feed and experience the grass-fed and finished difference? Your taste buds will thank you! Try a Moink Box today.

At Moink, our farmers are like family. Moink is farmer owned and we love introducing you to the men and women who compassionately and skillfully raise our animals. Check back for regular Meet our Farmers posts.

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