Meet Our Farmers: Cody & Andrea Todt, Falling Sky Farm

falling sky farmCody Hopkins and his wife, Andrea Todt, are first-generation farmers operating just outside of Wesley, Arkansas.

The couple founded Falling Sky Farm in 2006 as part of the Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, dedicating their efforts around the welfare of the animals as well as the land. They raise antibiotic-free, pasture-raised chickens, forest-raised pigs and grass-fed cows.

falling sky farm

An Ethical Farming Vision: Falling Sky Farm

Meeting just after college and putting down roots in rural North Central Arkansas, Cody and Andrea pride themselves on contributing to the local economy with quality jobs and healthy, delicious products.

“Our goal is to be a model for other farms, to operate in a way that respects and heals the land and sets the standard for the treatment of animals,” said Cody. “We love that Moink connects farmers like us, people who are committed to the good of their communities with a production model that’s most beneficial for the animals and the soil.”


A Symbiotic Relationship

Cody and Andrea have worked to develop a symbiotic relationship between each animal and the land. The chickens and turkeys are moved to fresh pasture every day and given a non-GMO ration of oats, alfalfa, kelp, whole roasted soybeans and probiotics.

Their high-quality diet and outdoor foraging means they grow slower, but also develop a richer texture and flavor. The pigs are raised in the forest and moved to a fresh area every 5 to 7 days, while the cows are moved to fresh pasture up to twice a day.

“We’re passionate about our animals staying on the move,” said Cody. “Regularly moving to new pasture allows them to stay healthier, enjoy fresh grass every day, and for the land to have plenty of time to rest and recover. Industrial farming practices damage the environment by allowing toxic levels of nitrogen from manure to build up in the soil.”

falling sky farm

The Falling Sky Difference

When asked what really sets his products apart, Cody explained,
“Our customers can know exactly what they’re getting. Grocery store food labels can be so confusing and misleading, but we want people to really connect with our farm and understand our practices and devotion to the animals and environment.

We partner with Moink because they share our commitment to transparency. They educate their customers on the food they’re eating and each product’s journey from farm to table. You can’t go to the grocery store and find that kind of peace of mind.

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falling sky farm


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At Moink, our farmers are like family. Moink is farmer owned and we love introducing you to the men and women who compassionately and skillfully raise our animals. Learn more about Falling Sky Farm here. Check back for regular Meet our Farmers posts.


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