Your Delivery: Caution, Dos and Don’ts

Dry Ice

Did you just order your first box? This is a quick list of cautions, dos and don’ts to get the most out of your box (and not burn your fingers in the process)!


  • Thaw in refrigerator in a bowl overnight
  • Post pictures of your box or what you are cooking and using #moinkbox so we can see!
  • Tell all your friends, family, and neighbors about us! Please?


  • Thaw in microwave. We know, we know… you want to eat it NOW but we promise you it’s worth the wait to thaw it properly.
  • Overcook your meat. That would be sad. Use a thermometer for proper cooking.

Dry ice

Dry ice is a harmless substance if handled correctly and we strive to enclose the perfect amount so that it has already evaporated when it arrives to you. If it hasn’t, don’t worry. Keep it in the empty box and leave in well-ventilated area until all the ice has evaporated. Dry ice is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Seriously… it’s not the same as ice cubes so please do not put it in your drink.

Speaking of Dry Ice…
Because it keeps the packages super cold it can make the packaging brittle. During the adventure to get to your doorstep, the box might have experienced some bumps along the way which resulted in small pin holes. This doesn’t affect the quality of the meat as long as you consume it in the next 6 months. But make sure to thaw in a bowl so you don’t have a mess.

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