Bring Home the (FREE) Bacon for Life!

Our January Special will drive you hog wild!

Hi, Meat Lovers! It’s Head Hen Lucinda, here to interrupt your Friday for a very important announcement: We’re giving away FREE BACON FOR LIFE! Stay calm, people, we’ve been training for this moment our whole lives! Our January Special is officially open for business. Order a Moink box to be shipped in January, get a free package of the best pasture-raised bacon on the planet in every one of your Moink boxes for the rest of time!

Bacon for Life

Your Pork Should Be Pure

Speaking of bacon, have you ever checked out all the ingredients in the grocery store brands? We see you added sugars, nitrates, MSG and a bunch of words we can’t even pronounce! Thanks, but no thanks. Our pork is antibiotic, hormone and GMO-free, and you can bet there is no sugar, nitrites, nitrates or any other funk added. For those of you gearing up for clean eating New Year’s resolutions, our bacon is Paleo, Whole30 and Keto compliant. That’s right, here at Moink, our bacon is naked, just like Mother Nature intended. The only ingredients are pork and salt, and real smoke of course!

So how does it get its amazing flavor? Moink only partners with family farmers like my dear husband Adam Cramsey, who treat their animals and environment in the most humane and responsible way possible, even if it means more time and effort. Our heritage hogs are raised outdoors without a confinement building, genetically-modified feed, or any other shortcuts that sacrifice the health of the animals or the land. We believe in letting the hogs live like hogs, rooting around in the dirt and with freedom to forage in the shaded woods and deciding exactly what they want to eat.

Once you try Moink bacon, the grocery-store stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore. We think our customer Roberta said it best: “Oh yes, the bacon! Just right… not too thick, not too thin, not salty, not sugary, just crispy, smoky, pork goodness.”

Bacon for Life

Three Bacon Recipes You Just Gotta Try

Around here, we think bacon is the bee’s knees (Or should we say the pig’s oink?). Whether you crumble it over salad, throw it in a breakfast casserole, or just shovel it in right from the skillet (no judgment!), high-quality bacon just makes any meal better. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are three amazing bacon recipes from some of our favorite foodie friends!

Hum-drum hamburgers are so basic! For your upcoming Super Bowl shin-dig, whip up these delicious, handheld Salmon BLT Sliders, featuring Moink bacon AND our wild-caught Alaskan ground salmon. This party grab will definitely earn you the title of Hostess with the Mostess!

Bacon for Life

Weeknight dinner rut, meet your match! This healthy and hearty Creamy Chicken Bacon Skillet made with Moink’s pasture-raised chicken and bacon can be ready to wow your crew in just 30 minutes. Don’t you just love a good one-pot wonder?

Bacon for Life

Be still, my heart! These Walnut Bacon Cupcakes are the stuff food dreams (and Valentines date nights in) are made of. Go watch the video tutorial, but try not to drool all over your screen!

Bacon for Life

However you cook it, you can’t go wrong with the World’s Best Bacon from Moink! When it comes to the meat you feed your family, we say skip all the unnecessary and sketchy ingredients and keep it clean and pure. Your people deserve the good stuff! And the added bonus is that you get to help support hardworking family farmers who treat our land and animals with the care they deserve.

Don’t wait, because you only have until January 24 to claim this offer and get piggy with it! Order a Moink Box filled with the most exceptional ethically-sourced and humanely-raised meat on the planet today, and claim your free bacon for life!

Rules, Silly Rules. And Legalities.

The offer: A free bonus package of bacon in each order for the life of customers’ membership with Moink.

To qualify for “Free Bacon for Life” promotion customer has to have a delivery shipped in January, 2019. First day to schedule a delivery to ship in January 2019 is December 21, 2018 and the last day to schedule a delivery is January 24, 2019 at midnight.

Free bacon for the life of active membership. If Customer or Moink cancels customer account for any reason, the account shall be considered inactive and the Free Bacon for Life Promotion void.  Moink reserves the right to cancel a customer account for any reason. If customer does not get a delivery for a period of more than six months their account shall be considered inactive and the Free Bacon For Life promotion void.

The Free Bacon For Life promotion is not combinable with any other offers. Not valid for gift box recipients.

Bonus Bacon will be added to each order before shipping.

No substitutions on the bonus bacon. Customers’ choice is simple- bacon or no bacon.

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  • Just saw you on Shark Tank and really want to support what you are doing. Keep fighting the good fight for the ethical American farmers and God bless you.