A Bone To Pin

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It’s Head Hen Lucinda, and this post is for all the fish lovers out there! Here at Moink, we receive a lot of questions about salmon.

Why? Because purchasing high-quality fish can feel like rocket science these days! It’s sad but true. We’re constantly hearing about all the health benefits of fish and how we should be eating it a couple times a week, but then we also hear about all the shady, unethical and downright weird fish farming practices. Then there’s also talk of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and dyes in store-bought salmon. Many folks know high-quality wild fish is out there, but they simply don’t know where to find it.

The Best Fish in the Sea

That’s where we come in! Moink skips the fish farms and goes straight to the fisherman. We partner with Captain Tony Wood of Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company. Tony and his wife Heather harvest fresh, wild salmon straight from the crystal-clear waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. No confinement, processed feed or shady coloring necessary! Thanks but no thanks, Frankenfish! We love that Tony shares our mission for ethically sourced meat, and is dedicated to the care and protection of the Alaskan wilderness.

Pin Bones

Moink is proud to now offer Sockeye, Keta and King Salmon varieties. You can get the facts on each variety here, and salmon recipes galore on our blog! Want to think outside the filet? We even offer ground salmon. You can use it to make these delicious game-day Salmon BLT Sliders, or Wild Sockeye Salmon Benedict!

Pin Bones

The 4-1-1 on Pin Bones

Just a heads up, you will notice that our salmon does contain a few pin bones. It comes with the territory when you purchase fish that hasn’t been highly processed and messed with! Our salmon is caught and flash frozen on the same day, and delivered right to your doorstep while it’s still at peak freshness and flavor. We don’t sacrifice quality to take out a few bones. But pin bones are nothing to fret about! You can easily remove them in less than a minute before cooking your fish (have some needle nose pliers or a good set of tweezers on hand), or just remove them as you eat. Just check out this quick step-by-step video tutorial straight from Fisherman Tony Wood’s mouth!

If you haven’t tried Moink salmon yet, you’re missing out! It’s bright and flavorful and bursting with nutrition. We just love hearing from our happy customers who are experiencing our fish for the first time. Moinker Melissa wrote:

“Received my first box and couldn’t be happier! I have ordered meat boxes from another company, but love the variety with Moink! Everything I have tried so far has been fantastic, and so happy to be able to get wild Alaskan salmon! Will only be ordering Moink from now on!”

Another happy Moink subscriber Cheryl gave this rave review:

“I have never tasted salmon so delicious! The color and taste were richer and fuller than what I’ve had in the past. On the days that Moink meat is in our meal, dinner is extra special. Thank you Lucinda, your team and all the fine farmers you work with! Not only are we enjoying some tasty and healthier foods but helping to support a better way of life.”

Finding the most flavorful, responsibly-sourced, wild Alaskan salmon doesn’t have to be complicated! Want it delivered right to your door? Try a Moink Box today.


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