Pork Should Be Pure: How to Avoid MSG

Hey there Moink-ers! It’s Head Hen, Lucinda, here.

Let’s talk pork and MSG.

It blows my mind to see all the items they add to pork at the grocery store like artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils and other just plain weird as well as potentially harmful ingredients. If you look up some of the most popular brands of breakfast sausage, you’ll find many of their products contain more than 15 ingredients! That’s crazy. I suppose they do it because the pork is produced in a way that doesn’t yield a good flavor.

Our pork sausage here at Moink? Pork, salt, red pepper, black pepper and rubbed sage. End of story. Simple and flavorful.

how to avoid msg


One of the worst of the worst food additives is Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG. You may have heard of it and know it’s not a good thing, and you may even ask about it when you order from Chinese restaurants. Personally, I had heard of MSG but I don’t think I realized just how funky that stuff is or how bad it can be for you until JoAnna, our resident healthy hen, broke it down to simple level for me. Wow, just wow! Below is what she had to say about it and ideas on how we can avoid it!

The MSG Catastrophe

MSG is salt of the amino acid, Glutamic Acid, and is used as a flavor enhancer in most bottled, bagged, frozen or canned processed food on supermarket shelves. Since it’s often a component of another ingredient, food companies can label it discreetly. They’ll even use misleading language like “no added MSG” to hide its presence. The FDA only requires manufacturers to put it on the ingredient label if it’s a 99% pure MSG. They also set zero limits on how much of this poisonous substance can be added to our everyday foods, claiming it’s safe in any amount.

But once you start looking for MSG by all of its sneaky names (there are dozens!), you see that it’s in so many store-bought meats, including meats like bacon, lunch meat, hotdogs, sausage and even salmon. (Who knew the grocery store could be such a scary place, huh?)

MSG is proven to make food more addictive. It tricks the brain into releasing insulin and creating an insatiable appetite (That’s why we can’t put those snack foods down!). Food processors and fast food restaurants have studied this more than anyone, and they purposely engineer their food to keep you coming back for more and eating way more than your body needs!

MSG is a TOXIC substance, causing health problems like headaches, diabetes, seizures, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, and stroke, just to name a few. Since its introduction into the U.S. food system, Type II Diabetes and childhood obesity have skyrocketed. Now, we aren’t saying that correlation is causation… but when the shoe fits! In fact, scientists inject MSG into lab animals to induce obesity so that pharmaceutical companies can test their drugs on them!

Time To Kick the Habit: How to Avoid MSG

There are a few steps you can take to drastically reduce your MSG intake and be a force for change:

  • Put down the packaged food! Limiting processed foods and sticking to mostly fresh ingredients is the best way to know what you’re really putting in your body. Your diet should contain mostly things that grew from the earth, swam in the ocean or walked on the ground!
  • Be a label detective. Read the nutrition labels of everything you buy closely and avoid products with MSG in their ingredients. Learn some of the most common names for it, such as Glutamaic Acid, Hydrolyzed Protein and Autolyzed Yeast. It’s not enough to see the words “MSG Free” on the front. The food might still contain other forms of the substance that are just as harmful.
  • Cook at home often. It’s not just Chinese food you need to watch out for. American chains and fast food restaurants almost all use MSG in their fries, sandwiches and drinks to enhance flavor and keep you coming back for more. When you shop for and prepare your food yourself, you control what ingredients go into your family.
  • Find food companies you can trust. Look for manufacturers and retailers who are transparent about what goes into their food. Ask the hard questions and see if they’ll give you a straight answer.

how to avoid msg

The Flavor Of Our Meat Stands On Its Own

At Moink, our meat is pure, and flavored just the way nature intended. We get our pork  from family farms where the pigs are humanely-raised, are never given GMO grains, and live outside where a pig is free to be a pig and then processed without nitrates, solutions and MSG or sugar.

We add one ingredient to our bacon, and that’s salt. Then we smoke it with smoke from a REAL fire. Becuase what is liquid smoke flavoring, anyway? How do you get smoke into a flavoring? I have no idea! But it seems sketch to me so let’s just stay away from it. Shall we? Yes, we shall.

I may be a little biased (proud wifey), but the bacon from Adam’s Dirt Farm is the best on the planet! But I’m not the only one who loves our pork. Moink customer Donna said, “I don’t know how they season the breakfast sausage, but it’s literally the best I’ve ever had.” Another Moinker, Jennifer, commented, “having tried many kinds and brands of bacon, this IS the best bacon I’ve eaten. I’m impressed!”

Are you ready to be part of our movement against funky food additives? Try a Moink Box today.

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